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Dear Trader,

Here is the complete package with a 90% Discount

I am releasing virtually all the material I have created over the last 25 odd years to you at a very special price! A discount of 90%!!

I have now finalised the package and it is set out below. There is also a video link giving more information.

I want you all to be delighted with this package and so if any of you really want something I have not included then please let me know and I will see what I can do.

One payment of £997 -


6 x payments of £197 -

So it is time to to get down to it and tell you what is included...

I have recorded a short video giving more details of the entire package and you can watch it here (please click on the image)...

In the 1990s I developed THE TECHNICAL TRADER, wrote a book I called THE TRADING MANUAL and I also developed my IOP and PDS systems. These evolved into my first book...

1. THE WAY TO TRADE (for full details of my published books go to my Amazon Author Page) and...

2. THE PROFIT BEFORE WORK TRADING MANUAL (sold for c £197) and...

3. THE BIG CALL SERVICE & MANUAL - this includes numerous video links (currently 3 months works out at c. £165) - you can see details of various of my systems at

I should say that all numbered items are included in the package.

Early in the new millennium I wrote my next book...

3. THE FORTUNE STRATEGY (currently selling at around £80)

In 2005 I started to investigate binary bets and found them very much to my liking and published these books...



6. TUNNEL TRADING (currently selling at £179)

In 2006 I held a two day seminar for a select group of traders and the video of this event is part of the package...

7. THE APPRENTICE SEMINAR VIDEOS (original seminar sold at c. £6000)

and I also wrote...

8. FINANCIAL CATACLYSM NOW! - I was keen to get this book out as I felt sure markets were about to collapse, as they did shortly afterwards. I feel the same now!

I then started to hold daily training days which we called...

9. THE PROTEGE PROGRAM VIDEOS (original seminar sold at in excess of £2000)

Around the same time I created...

10. Twelve videos in the PYSCHO-TRADER COURSE (which was a bargain at around £60)

In 2010 I created POM but this is currently not part of the package

In 2012 I published...


and I also created...

12. THE VIDEO COURSE (sold for c. £1000)

I also created...

13. THE KISS REPORT (sold for £100 but as "unfinished")

14. KRAUTGAP (aka A-B) - sold by me for £247

In 2013 I developed...

15. NASGAP which has now evolved into PASANG (sold for £247)


In 2014 I wrote...

16. THE PRO-TRADER MANUAL (never before available separately)


In 2015 I published...


For the sake of completeness I will also include my books...


20. THE WAY TO WEALTH - my business life up to 2014, includes numerous FAQs on both trading and wealth


21. My first Novel - EXTORTION!


22. I offer a 2 HOUR CONSULTANCY SESSION at the price of £400. It is sadly not practical to include this in the package. However when I do these sessions I usually find there is ONE KEY ASPECT that is holding a trader back. So as part of this package tell me what is holding you back and I will tell you how I, or clients of mine, have dealt with the same issues. Ultimately we all follow very similar paths when it comes to trading! This part of the package may well include telephone consultancy.

I have not priced the various books but hard copies tend to be in excess of £20 with e-books usually coming in a little less.

If we add up the 20 titles we get a total sum in excess of £10,000!

So the question is what should I sell this bumper package for?

I decided to go with a full 90% discount, well 90.03% to be exact.

So for product sold at over £10,000 originally you only need pay £997!!! (and that includes VAT!!!) - you can also pay in "easy" instalments.

Here are the payment links...

One payment of £997 -


6 x payments of £197 -

On the instalment plan you get the products at the rate of 3 or 4 per month.


All the best,


PS. If you want more information on any product please email me at


**What they say about John Piper**

"I am not sure whether you pick up emails to you personally but I starting subscribing to your daily emails back in January. I am not a  big player but started with £7,500 on IG index in Mid January and have just closed all my positions today prior to going on holiday for 4 weeks,  with a balance of £34,045. In a big part thanks to your daily reports. Worth the subscription I think it is fair to say !!
Keep up the good work. As you say its all about acknowledging where we are and preparing to make profit in any economic climate. Best wishes" 

David Pocock.

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