About John Piper

John Piper financial adviser

My name is John Piper and I'm dedicated to helping traders like you find success online with the optimum trading disciplines, such as Binary Betting, Spread Betting and the general Psychology of Trading.

  • Regarded as one of world's most respected and able market analysts, I'm also one of the UK's most experienced independent traders in futures and options on the web. My best seller The Way To Trade, is a definitive book on trading psychology and success techniques that will propel readers deep into the mind of the market. My 2007 book Binary Betting revolutionised the way we trade today, whilst my Binary Trading book gives you the strategies to take binary betting to a completely new level. I am also the founder of The Technical Trader subscription newsletter, the definitive trading resource since 1989.
  • Do I care about my subscribers? Well in short YES I do. Here's what one of my longest-standing clients says, followed by a few quotes from my fellow traders.
  • "Hi John. After some 27 years of subscribing to your excellent service I would like to thank you with the deepest sincerity for everything you have done over these many years, and which has allowed me the freedom to live a life (I wouldn't say entirely carefree) but nevertheless one of incredible, perhaps unparalleled freedom relative to most others. I am going on a long trip without any computers or anything much technical at all, so I will certainly miss your reports and guidance. But I am sure I will be back. All the very best and thank you once again.
    P.S. By all means publish this testimonial as to your undoubted talents."
    Steve A.

    "John Piper’s success is based on a clearly defined strategy, disciplined money management and the ability to adapt to differing market conditions. Essential for investors prepared to look below the surface and profit consistently from market price action."
    Mike Estrey, Investment Strategist

    "Brokers love a trader who is successful over the longer term. John Piper is such a trader."
    Charles de Roeper, Berkley Futures Limited

    "The most complete and intelligent books I have encountered in trading literature. John Piper approaches the subject with vast common sense and a wealth of research and trading experience. The author is a natural teacher to anyone who wants to succeed in trading."
    Adrienne Laris Toghraie, President of Trading on Target