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A new system - THE YAHURA SYSTEM - designed to turn 1000 into 1m!!

Life-changing opportunities do not come along very often - but this is certainly one such!

The first point I must make is that credit for this new idea does not belong to me but to my partner in this matter, Mr. Tim Lowe of Waverley Media.

I have worked with Tim a few times over the past few years and it has always been a pleasure and a highly professional experience.

The system itself is very simple and it can be a work of genius to come up with something that is very simple but also highly effective.

You will likely be aware that I have been involved in Crypto-currencies since late in 2016 and that a number of the coins I have invested in hit that magical 10x - meaning they multiplied in price by a factor of 10. Some went far beyond that and Bitcoin was up around 27x at the highs in December 2017 from my entry point a year before.

In fact such gains are almost commonplace in Crypto-currencies and Tim has taken this simple fact and taken it one step further.

He realised that if you can catch three of these moves in a row then an initial investment of 1000 would become 1m!

Let me take you through that...

1. You invest 1000 and 10x takes you to 10,000

1. You invest that 10,000 and 10x takes you to 100,000

1. You invest that 100,000 and 10x takes you to 1m


Yes, in theory, the harder bit is to effect that process which is where I come in.

I am putting together portfolios and will be monitoring crypto markets as this moves ahead.

In some ways I see the declines we have seen over the last few months as a God-given opportunity to achieve the first leg of this programme!

How long may this take?

I would say three years is possible with five years perhaps more likely. Having said that all the more fundamental indicators suggest that a solid rally is due shortly (Bitcoin may want to probe a little lower first). Plus an institutional fund manager said he thought Bitcoin could be up 10x all on its own by December 2019

If Bitcoin achieves 10x some of the smaller coins could see a lot more than that!

Of course if your 1000 does hit 1m 3 or 5 years down the road you will see substantial gains over shorter term timeframes as well!


I'm really looking forward to developing this excellent idea and it's certainly going to be an interesting and rewarding experience!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of this email:

Tel: (UK) 07747 030772

This is a serious business plan which I believe will work.

The whole essence is to risk a small sum (defined as money you can afford to lose so you are relaxed as the markets go through their usual gyrations) with a view to making a far larger sum down the road.

So feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

All the best,


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